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County Engineer

Roy A. DePue, P.E., P.S.         2017-Present



Vinton County High School class of 1970

Ohio University, BSCE class of 1974

Previous Experience:

Construction Engineer/Manager, McNally Pittsburg Construction - 1974-1984

Engineering Manager, Benedict, Inc./Engle Construction - 1984-1991

Engineering Manager/Senior Engineer/DOT Subject Matter Expert for Prime Contractors for Department of Energy, Lockheed Martin, Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, Bechtel Jacobs, Tetra Tech NUS, Lata Parallax Portsmouth LLC, Fluor Corp, and Fluor-Babcock Wilcox XT LLC - 1991-2017

President, Roy A. DePue and Associastes, Inc. - 1986-2018

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